Stealth Cam Fusion Cell Camera Brings a New Definition to Cellular Simplified

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Stealth Cam Fusion and the New Stealth Cam Command

If you are looking for one of the best cell cams for 2020-2021, look no further than the Stealth Cam Fusion. Besides being one of the most inexpensive (or best priced) cell cameras, it also boasts some of the most impressive feature. And with the new Stealth Cam Command app, it’s easily one of the most dependable cameras on the market today. The Stealth Cam Fusion cell camera is Cellular Simplified. 

Our Fusion wireless cameras make the cellular activation process simple, and you will be transmitting photos in no time with the quick scan QR setup. Along with Stealth Cam’s new data plans, the Fusion offers affordable options (on AT&T, Verizon, or a Global cellular network) for every budget and need. 

Why Go Cellular? 

If you are reading this section, chances are this might be one of the first cell cameras you buy. It’s pretty easy to understand how drastic of an effect cell cameras can have on your deer hunting strategy. As if you haven’t heard it enough already, cell cameras literally are game changers. The fact that they can be deployed with a “set them and forget them” attitude is what makes them so deadly. You can stay out of your most successful hunting sets, without checking cams, and get real time updates on deer movement. It’s really as simple as that.

In the past few years, it could be argued that no other “new” hunting strategy has laid down more inches of antler than simply using cell cameras. A very real scenario that occurs every year for those hunters employing cell cams is as simple as getting a Stealth Cam notification, opening the app, and viewing their hit list buck within a new image just captured back on their hunting property. The likelihood of that deer being in the area is very high, and often times a decision to go in the next morning or afternoon turns into filling a tag. It might be a week, two, or even a month before that camera would have been checked without the ability to transfer those images directly to your cell phone. It’s not hard to figure out that most, if not all, cell cameras in your arsenal need to be cell cams these days. 

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The Fusion – Nuts and Bolts

The Stealth Cam Fusion is making waves in the cell cam industry for a lot of reasons. It boasts an impressive 26 MP image, an unheard of image quality considering its price point. It also is a LOW GLO flash camera with a range of 80 feet, which also blows the value of the features well beyond the price of the camera. Besides those two features, the new Stealth Cam app and the reliability of transmission of photos, even in variable service, makes the Fusion the best cell camera choice of the 2020-2021 season.  Beyond these reasons, the Quick Scan QR setup and the new data plans that Fusion offers makes setup and affording the camera and the data on a tight budget EASY! 

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How to Set Up a Cell Cam – The Easiest Setup with Stealth Command App

Set up your cell camera in as little as three minutes…it is that fast! It’s a ready-to-deploy system that requires no long-term data plans. All you have to do is follow these four simple setup steps, and you will be up and running in no time. 

Step 1:  Download the “Stealth Cam COMMAND” App

Navigate to the Google Play Store/iOS App Store and install “Stealth Cam COMMAND” by Good Sportsman Marketing.

Step 2: Create a Stealth Cam Account and Sign In

Open the app and follow on-screen guides to set up your Stealth Cam account and sign in to the app.

Step 3: Add Your Device

Press the plus (+) sign in the top left corner of the app to begin new device setup. Access your QR code underneath the battery tray. Follow the directions on-screen to set up your camera and data plan.

Step 4: Configure Your Camera

Tap on your camera within the app and select “Camera Setup” to begin customizing your camera settings. Or you can use our default configuration for a really quick setup. Alternatively, use http://www.stealthcamcommand.com for camera configuration.

Stealth Cam Data Plans – How Much Does a Cell Camera Cost? 

Monthly Plans (Includes One Year of Cloud Storage)

  • Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan implementation after 30 days)
  • $5 – 650 images
  • $10 – 2,000 images
  • $20 – Unlimited
  • $50 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36,000 images (3 cameras included – add additional cameras for $5 each)

Annual Plans (pre-paid 12 months) – (Includes One Year of Cloud Storage)

  • Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan after 30 days)
  • $4 – 650 images/month ($48 / Year)
  • $8 – 2,000 images/month ($96 / Year)
  • $15 – Unlimited /month ($180 / Year)
  • $40 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36,000 images/month ($480 / Year – 3 cameras included – additional cameras for $5 each)

Elite Hunter Management (Coming Soon)

  • $5 optional add-on to monthly or annual plans (per camera)
  • Animal detection and filing
  • Security tracking
  • Two years of dedicated cloud storage

Final Thoughts and Keeping Your Cell Cams Running Longer

The one disadvantage that cell cams, reliable ones like the Stealth Cam Fusion, have is you become reliant on them. Their disadvantage ends when the batteries die and you have to swap batteries. That’s why one potential piece of gear that could help when setting the camera up is critical. Meet the SOL-Pak Solar Battery Pack for trail cameras. 

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This compact trail camera solar power panel is designed as a sustainable solution for all trail cameras, but especially wireless/cellular cameras. It mounts to trees and posts, has a durable all-weather construction, and can allow your trail camera to go beyond a month or two of heavy deer traffic to span the entire season. This truly gives you that “set it and forget it” trail camera use that is the single biggest advantage when using cell cameras. 

Learn more about the Stealth Cam Fusion here, and seriously consider adding one to your arsenal or finally making the switch to cell cameras once and for all! 

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