In order to complete the update, you must have your Stealth Cam Fusion in hand, and it must have at least 75% battery life..

  1. To get started, open the Stealth Cam Command App
  2. Navigate to the Stealth Cam Fusion camera you wish to update, and click on it.
  3. Once open, select Cellular Settings (You should see a red exclamation point indicating the update is available)
  4. Click “Update” next to the Red Highlighted version of the Camera Software
  5. You will be asked if you have a camera in your possession, select “YES”
  6. On the camera, move the power toggle to OFF
  7. Once camera LEDs turn off, select NEXT on the app
  8. Turn the camera ON, it will begin connecting to the network and you will see Green LED lights starting on the camera
  9. Once all three green LEDs complete connection, they will turn RED and begin to FLASH, click NEXT on the app
  10. Once the three red LEDs on the camera are solid on Press NEXT on the app
  11. Wait 10 seconds, then press Next on the app
  12. Remove battery tray from the camera, wait three seconds, and insert battery tray back into the camera

Your update is complete, the camera will cycle back through green LEDs, and once connected press and hold the Sync button in order to send a test image through the camera to the app.

Your Stealth Cam Fusion is ready to deploy!

Introducing the NEWEST update to the Stealth Cam Fusion

The latest update dramatically enhances the quality of photos delivered directly to your phone.

Stealth Cam Fusion


Fusion Wireless Cameras take the guesswork out of cellular activation and will have you transmitting images in a matter of minutes with their quick scan QR setup.  Combined with Stealth Cam’s new data plans, Fusion offers affordable options for every budget & need.  Available on AT&T, Verizon, or a Global cellular network.

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