Do I need to recharge my 12V battery kit during the seasons it is not in use?

The 12V Battery Kit should be recharged at least every 3 months, regardless if it is being used or not, in order to preserve the working condition of the battery inside the unit.

What is Activity Control/Operating Hours?

Activity control is a setting on the camera that allows you to have the camera on only during certain hours of the day if you want that.

What are my options if my Stealth or Wildview camera is out of warranty?

We have a customer loyalty program. You can send us your old camera and you’ll receive 50% off of a brand new one.

Will my camera continue to record after the SD Card is full?

No, not until the SD card is cleared of its files.

Will I lose my images and settings when the batteries die?

The camera has flash memory so your images and settings will remain intact.

Where do I locate the serial number on my stealth cam camera?

Under the gasket by the SD Card slot

What should the trigger speed be on my stealth camera?

This varies on the model, typically less than 0.45 second trigger

What is the difference between infrared and no-glow flashes?

An infrared flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will be visible in the dark. It produces a dull red glow that is not bright enough to catch your attention in the dark but if you looked right at it, it would be visible. A No-Glow flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will NOT be visible in the dark. It produces no visible light unless you are very close to the camera and will be nearly invisible in the dark.

What is the difference between flash range and motion detection range?

The flash range is the distance that you will be able to see in the picture when a picture is taken using the flash. The motion detection range is the distance from the camera that the camera will sense motion and be activated. Both of these ranges will be effected by many different factors.

What does it mean when it shows LOC on my screen?

Either the lock on the side of the SD card is engaged in the lock position or the SD card needs to be formatted in a computer.

What does it mean when I have all 8’s on my screen?

Usually this is a sign of an incompatible memory card or damaged memory card.

Is the infrared flash invisible?

The infrared flash will give off a low glow red light it is not invisible.

Is my camera waterproof?

No, the cameras are weather resistant not waterproof.

How long will the batteries last in my trail camera?

There are many different factors that affect battery life including the brand of battery, temperature, amount of pictures taken and day vs. night picture ratio. The exact life of batteries is not possible to quantify.

How do I view the pictures that I take?

We recommend using a computer to view the photos. If you don’t have access to a computer, we can only recommend using either our iOS or android card readers for your cell phone or our reader viewer.

How do I set the Date and Time on my camera?

You want to put the camera in the Manual or Custom setting mode. Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual.

How can I tell if my camera is going to take pictures where I want it to?

By using the test mode. A light on the front of the camera labeled TEST will blink when the camera is detecting motion. Directly face the camera towards the location you are trying to cover and walk in front of it to see the light go on, this will indicate activity.

Can viewing photons on my hand held digital camera cause my trail camera to malfunction?

Yes, we recommend viewing your photos/videos on a computer as other digital devices can change the format of the SD card.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in my camera?

Rechargeable batteries are not recommended. We do recommend a high quality alkaline or lithium battery.

Can I use my game camera through a window or glass door?

Glass may disrupt your sensor beam. We don’t advise using the camera in this fashion.

Can I plug my camera into the wall using an AC adapter?

We cannot recommend this as a way to power the camera.

Can I use a Micro SD card in my camera?

No, we do not recommend a Micro SD card.

Can I swap SD cards from one scouting camera to another?

No, we do not recommend swapping SD cards between different cameras. Each camera is made with different formatting capabilities and can cause the camera not to recognize the SD card.

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