Can I set up notifications separately for each camera ?

By default, the COMMAND app will include the name of each camera that has a new photo in the notification. Notifications for the COMMAND app cannot be turned off for the individual camera, but you may disable all notifications.

Can I log into my account with more than one device ?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of devices you may log on to.

How many cameras can I control in the Command APP ?

There is no limit to the amount of cameras controlled by COMMAND.

If I delete a picture in the app does it delete it from the SD card ?

No, deleting a photo will only remove it from the app, not from the SD card. To create space on you SD card either turn the DVR MODE setting on, or use the FORMAT CARD feature.

Will I lose my images and settings if the batteries die?

No, the images are stored on your external SD memory card so your images will be intact only on your card. Your images and settings are also saved on the COMMAND app.

Why is my camera taking pictures with nothing in front of it?

This camera is powered by motion activation. This can cause objects, like a tree branch or moving water, within the camera frame to cause the camera to take a photo.

How do I check if my camera is working properly?

To check the status of your camera, press the “Sync” button below the camera’s battery tray. Refer to battery tray sticker for information on LED codes. If you receive a red LED on network or account, contact customer support at 1.888.508.5922 for further assistance.

Is my camera waterproof?

No, your camera is weather resistant but not waterproof.

Is there a warranty that comes with my camera or an extended warranty I can purchase?

Your Stealth Cam or Muddy Camera comes with a Limited 1-year warranty. Please contact support at 1.888.508.5922 for more information.

Can I mix different types of batteries together?

No, you should never mix batteries. After your camera batteries die, always install brand new batteries in your camera.

Can I use rechargeable batteries in the camera?

Rechargeable batteries will cause an incorrect battery percentage reading for the camera in the app. We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries.

Can I use an external power source or battery pack in combination with the AA batteries ?

Yes,  use of the Stealth Cam 12V Solar Power Panel [https://www.stealthcam.com/solar-power-panel/] is recommended to increase battery life. Use of an external power source may work, but the accuracy of the reading may vary.

Is it safe to use an Antenna Booster or third-party products with my camera?

We do not recommend using any third-party products with your camera that are not sold and/or approved by Stealth Cam as this may damage your camera and void your warranty.

Why are there two different Stealth Cam Apps available to download.

COMMAND is our newest app and it serves all Stealth Cam Fusion, Trail-Tek, Muddy Manfiest, and 4G (WXA/WXV) cameras. Our Stealth Cam REMOTE app serves our FLX and 3G cameras.

Do I need to have my phone next to my camera while it syncs?

No, you can sync your camera remotely from your phone. However, we recommend syncing in proximity of your phone to verify sync was successful. The sync will occur at your next scheduled upload time.

I have a new phone. Is it necessary to re-sync the camera or will it still be displayed once I download the COMMAND app?

It is not necessary to re-sync your camera to your new device. Your camera will be displayed on your account once you download the “Stealth Cam COMMAND” APP and login with your existing credentials.

My camera showed that it synced successfully, why do I not see it on my app?

In order to connect to the COMMAND app, your cell phone will need to have 4G/LTE reception or a Wi-Fi connection. If you are in a remote location, there is likely not enough data coverage to properly use our app.

Why is my monthly bill higher than my plan cost?

You have likely incurred data overages. Data charges are incurred after you reach your plans allotted data limit. For more information on rates visit www.stealthcamcommand.com

Will I be notified of software updates?

Yes, inside of your Stealth Cam COMMAND app will be a notification that a new software version is available, and you will be given the option to install. All firmware updates happen OTA (over the air), you will need your camera present with you to begin the update process. Refer to the COMMAND app for camera update instructions.

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