How do I use my FLX camera in field mode?

  • Bring your mobile device with the APP open within Bluetooth Range (50 feet) of your FLX Camera. (Your mobile device Bluetooth must be turned on)
  • Once your FLX Camera is in range, the camera will go from gray to color on the camera screen within the APP. It will also shows the BT Signal Strength.
  • Once selected your FLX camera will automatically turn on its Wi-Fi Router.
  • Your mobile device should automatically connect to the Wi-Fi Router. If it takes more than 30 seconds to connect, you may need to manually connect to the FLX Camera’s Wi-Fi Router in your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings.
  • After your camera is connected, select the camera in the app. Here you can Preview your photos stored on the camera and change any settings.
  • While Previewing Photos, you can select photos or videos to transfer to your mobile device.
  • When finished, press the “Disconnect” button to terminate the Wi-Fi connect and put the camera back in capture mode.
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