For over 15 years we have been at the forefront of trail camera innovation with the transition from 35mm film to digital into HD video. 2018 is no exception; a further refined GXW Wireless and the entirely new DS4k - 4K Ultra High-Definition, 30 megapixel trail camera. Raising the bar once again in what can be achieved in trail camera technology.

Available In Select Models

Still Photo

Stealth Cam utilizes the latest in imaging technology to deliver the best possible sharp true to color images in the day and well lit images at night.

Time Lapse

The ability to capture a set period of time without the need for triggering is the basis behind Time Lapse. Stealth Cam allows for complete customization of this setting.

HD Videos

From 720P to 1080P all the way up to 4K Ultra High Definition, Stealth Cam continues to push the limits of what trail cameras are capable of by providing videos that capture animal behavior & vocalizations.

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